The Best Way to Sell a House

Selling a house is not the same as selling other premier and secondary products. Selling a house must prioritize complete and clear information about the atmosphere of the house and its facilities. Not only the condition of the house but the surrounding environment and the facilities that surround the location of the house. No matter how good your house is, if it is in a less comfortable and strategic place, it will be difficult for you to sell it. But on the other hand, if your house is ordinary but has a complete environment and facilities. The possibility of the house will have a greater chance to sell faster. So if you want to sell your house, don’t be in a rush to renovate massively, remodel the house to make it look wow. Instead, you just tidy up a little bit, for example, renewing the paint color of the house to make it brighter and tidying up the layout of your home furniture.

From all the information that I have described above, the most important thing when you sell a house is the advertising process along with the proper placement of the sale of the house. Before discussing home advertising techniques, you should have prepared all the photos of your home. Photo of the house from the front, side, and back. then the rooms that become family facilities along with bedrooms and bathrooms. Then the most important thing is that you provide tangible evidence of the surrounding environment. You can provide a photo of a mall close to your house if your house is close to the mall. State the distance in meters/kilometers between your house and the Mall. Also mention other facilities, such as being close to your favorite school, close to a modern gym, or other places that are trending, where people are currently favorite hangouts. Don’t forget you also have to provide how far the location of your house is from the place of worship. Not just one place of worship but several places of worship for followers of different religions. Because according to my experience, those who will buy your house are not necessarily people who have the same religion as you. So it is very important for you to mention several locations of various places of worship that are close to where you are selling your house.

Start selling.

If you have understood the above explanation more or less, the next step is to determine through whom you will sell the house. Are you going to sell the house yourself or through a home sales agent. There are advantages and disadvantages of each way of selling the house. I will not go into this too deeply, because the decision is entirely up to you. I will try to give a picture like this. If you sell a house placed in the right place as a means to advertise the house. This is a very good decision. You can save time to do other activities while you wait for the arrival of a potential buyer who will contact you to see the condition of the house.

When you venture to advertise your home, it means that you are ready to prepare various advertising materials that will be presented. As I said before. You not only have to display photos of the house but you are obliged to display photos of the surrounding environment. It’s even better if you can take a picture of the house from the highest roof of your neighborhood using a drone. Making a video about the atmosphere and the home environment will be a fast magnet so you can attract potential buyers to your home.


Who is your homebuyer?

If you decide to sell your house by advertising through online media. You don’t need to think hard about who is the target who will buy your home. At least the advertiser understands well that you must distribute your paid ads to those (buyers) who have longed for a house like yours. That is one of the benefits that can be taken if you have relied on advertising media.


How long should I advertise?

For specialty products such as houses, apartments, factories, and warehouses. We recommend that you advertise for at least a full month. If advertising only one week or two weeks. Possibility to sell a bit heavy. You don’t have to worry about high advertising prices. With careful calculations, you can calculate the selling price of the house with the costs you have to spend on advertising until the house is sold.


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