Basic Features of Web Hosting for WordPress

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If you are wondering, which web hosting features are suitable for your website. The answer will be very long. Because you have to understand exactly what the type or category of your website itself is. If your website is just a personal blog. This blog does not require data storage (hard disk) with a large capacity. At least, you must have a data storage capacity of 500 MB. Then, as time goes on and content increases. Then you will need to add a larger data storage capacity.


Then, so that your website is easy for public access. Moreover, what you must know in choosing the hosting package features that are important for your website. Here I will divide it into several parts along with an explanation.

  1. Data Storage Capacity (Hard disk)
  2. Data Access Speed (Bandwidth)
  3. PHP Configuration.
  4. Control Panel.
  5. Security Features.


Let’s break it down one by one so that those of you who just want to have a blog can easily choose the right hosting.

  1. Data Storage Capacity.

    This is the real function of hosting. So that your website data can be accessed online, it requires hard disk space for online data storage for 24 hours. Hosting has a large hard drive capacity. You can take only a small part of the available capacity according to your website’s data needs.

If you have a website using WordPress. you have to consider the amount of WordPress data itself. Before adding it to your website. Such as images, music, or video files.

We recommend that you resize the image first before you upload it to your hosting. Likewise, the capacity of music and video should be compressed. All of this aims so that your website is not heavy when accessed by the public. Not all of your website visitors have a strong network. So don’t ignore them. You will lose a lot of visitors if your website is too difficult to access.

Until 2022. Some hosts are still using one of the three types of Hard Disks that still exist today.


Hosting with SATA HDD type is still used for now. SATA HDD is the senior of the SATA SSD and NVMe SSD which was invented by IBM in 1956.

Wow, it’s so old, isn’t it? So it’s only natural that this HDD technology is getting outdated. Data read speed is 10x slower than SATA SSD.

However, some hosting still uses and sell hosting with this hard disk. It never hurts to try if the website you have is new and doesn’t have a lot of data.


1.2 SATA SSDs.

Some of the differences between a SATA SSD hard disk and a SATA HDD.

  • SATA SSD SSD speed is claimed to be up to 10x much faster than HDD.
  • SSD resistance to shock is much stronger. SSD is flash memory. Unlike HDD which uses a disk (a rotating disk).
  • Due to its good performance and durability. SSD prices tend to be 10x more expensive than HDDs.


1.3 NVMe SSDs.

The three types of hard disks have different performances. Let’s first see what an NVMe SSD drive can deliver.

NVMe SSDs already use NVMe technology as the name implies. NVMe itself is a Non-Volatile Memory Express which is a development of AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). The promised performance is much faster than a SATA SSD.

So that’s roughly the difference between SATA HDDs, SATA SSDs, and NVMe SSDs. Hopefully useful as an addition to your insight.


  1. Data Access Speed (Bandwidth).

    Bandwidth is the capacity that can be used on an ethernet cable so that data packet traffic can be passed with a certain maximum. Another definition of internet bandwidth is the amount of data transfer consumption which is calculated in units of time bits per second (bps).

So internet bandwidth is the maximum capacity of communication lines to process data sending and receiving in seconds. Bandwidth is often analogous to the width of the highway. While the incoming data through the bandwidth is likened to a vehicle crossing the road. The fewer vehicles that pass, the smoother the traffic. On the other hand, if there are a lot of vehicles passing by, then the traffic on the road will be blocked it will affect the activities of other vehicles.


  1. PHP Configuration.

    Access configuration here means whether you can control the PHP configuration through your control panel. Php configuration is very important for those of you who have a website with WordPress. Sometimes several WordPress themes will use. Has minimum requirements at the beginning of the installation. If your control panel is restricted to this configuration control permissions. A little bit inconvenient because you inevitably have to send a request for access changes to the hosting support team.

  2. Control Panel.

    I think the control panel is the main entry point for a website. You can determine the composition of your website through the control panel. But you know what? Some control panels are not entirely easy to use for everyone. Especially the newbie who just had a website.

This is when I will give you quite important information. The Control Panel is user-friendly and has also been used by millions of people around the world. Even if you don’t have coding skills. The following Control Panel is the right choice for you.

4.1 Cpanel.

cPanel is a control panel that is used to make settings on web hosting services which include file management, database, domain, security, software, and other configurations. Without cPanel, web hosting settings can only be done via text commands. cPanel makes it easy for users to perform various configurations through an attractive and easy-to-operate user interface.

cPanel is usually installed on a Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) that uses Linux, FreeBSD, and similar operating systems.

Applications supported by cPanel include Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Perl, Python, and BIND, with email such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP services.


Functions & Benefits of cPanel

In simple terms, the function of cPanel is to make it easier to manage websites that are in your hosting account. cPanel greatly facilitates configuration related to domains and hosting. In addition, cPanel can also add some additional applications that need to be installed to support the website to work properly.


4.2 Cyber Panels.

What are cyber panels? CyberPanel is specifically designed to allow hosting clients to easily deploy and manage their sites without doing a lot of other technical work. CyberPanel is for the growing needs of websites and online businesses. This is one of the best control panels that can make it easier for website owners to manage all their website activities by themselves.

Functions & Benefits of CyberPanel

The function of CyberPanel is to make it easier to manage websites that are in your hosting account. CyberPanel is easy to configure with regards to domains and hosting. In addition, CyberPanel can also add some additional applications that need to be installed to support the website to work properly.


  1. Security Features.

    This should be your consideration in choosing a secure hosting place. Don’t let the website you’ve been working on for months. Broken just like that because the level of security hosting is not good. Make sure the hosting where you entrust your website is supported by a good security system. So you don’t have to take your time to worry when your website is accessed by the public.

Standard security features such as SSL and Antivirus should be installed in the hosting you choose. For that, we recommend before you buy a hosting package. It’s a good idea to read first what features have been installed in hosting. Or at least you already know through the complete specifications of the hosting package. For hosting that does not include the complete specifications of the hosting package. We recommend that you can ask it directly via email or the chat field if available.

Up to this point, I’m sure you understand very well when you choose the right hosting place for you. Hopefully, this article can help those of you who just have a website.


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