Gold Plan Feature

What benefits do you get by choosing a GOLD PACKAGE?

The most important thing is. Every business owner has different products and services. For this reason, features are provided for those of you who have a variety of businesses. So you get more profit than the money you spend.

Basic Plan, here you are with us, please know some of the features you will get as shown below:

I. Your Business Information

basic plan feature
You can enter your complete business information:
  • 1. Listing Title and Tagline

    This is very important so that your business is clearly visible on our website.

  • 2. City & Full Address.

    City is useful so that customers who are in the same city as you can easily find your business. Coupled with your full address exactly. Your customers will find it easy to track the whereabouts of your business via Google Maps

  • 3. Phone.

    Your telephone number is very much needed by customers to contact you immediately.

  • 4. WhatsApp.

    Your whatsapp business is very much needed by customers to contact you immediately.

  • 5. Website.

    Your website address so that new customers immediately find out information about you.

II. Your Business Category, Working Hours and Prices.

Working Hours and Prices
  • 6. Working Hours

    You can set the days and hours of operation of your business. The most important thing is that your customers will get accurate information from you about your business operating hours.

  • 7. Your Business Category

    A business category that will separate your business from other businesses to be easily found by your customers.

  • 8. Price Range

    You can set it or not tell your customers.

  • 9. Price From & Price To

    You better fill it. This is to attract your customers to use your product or service.

III. Business Description, FAQ, Social Media & Tags Keyword

FAQ, Social Media, Tags Keyword
  • 10. Description.

    A complete description of the business you are offering to your new customers.

  • 11. FAQ ( Frequency Ask Question).

    You can explain one by one, questions that are often asked when customers see your products and services.

  • 12. Social Media

    Please fill in the social media links according to your business.

  • 13. Tags or Keyword

    This is very important so that your business is easily found on search engines like Google and Bing.

IV. Your Business Video, Images Banner & Your Business Logo.

Video, Future Image and Logo Image
  • 14. Your Business Video (Optional).

    Video links that you can use according to your business.

  • 15. Images

    We recommend that you upload a Banner about your product or service.

  • 16. Business Logo

    Very important. A business logo is what differentiates your brand from the rest.