How to get a free listing approved

We are very honored by your participation in embedding your business on our website. However, as the feedback that you will get, we also hope that you carry out the conditions as we specify so that your listing will be approved and displayed on our website.


1. Listing Title.

Allowed examples

Combine uppercase and lowercase, according to your business title.
Allowed examples: Free URL Submit a Directory Listing.
Examples that are not allowed: free url submit a directory listing.



2. Tagline, Full Address, City and Website.

We require that you fill in all available fields. The writing method is the same as “Title Listing” except for the website column.



3. Category Your Business.

Choose one of the categories that best describes your business.



4. Description.

If the more complete and relevant explain your business. The more we are interested in allowing your business to be on our website.

Important to note:

– The description column is text without a link.

– We do not allow you to enter your email in the description field.

– We do not allow you to include your youtube, social media or other links in the description column.

If you ignore the conditions above, we’re sorry, we don’t allow your listing to appear on our list.



We require you to upload at least 4 images in the gallery with each images not more than 100 KB.
In addition, we also require you to upload one of your business logos with a maximum size of 100KB.

Please note:
Photos or images that you upload are NOT ALLOWED to contain:
1. Telephone number / mobile number.
2. Your email address.
3. URL Link (website address)
4. URL Link (social media address)
5. URL Link (Youtube address etc).

The image must be purely of the product you are selling or the service you are offering.

We really appreciate your business to join our website. Hopefully we can develop mutual business together. Success Always For You. Cheers!