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Earn Money With Us

earn money with us

Get 15% payout, by just sending your client/friend/audiance to us.

You can take advantage of the gold packages and diamond packages available on our website. So, immediately maximize your profits.

How this can work for you.

Schemes of Earn Money

Hurry up, request a coupon code 15%off especially for you.

One person get one unique coupon code. So anyone who uses your coupon code. Payment will go to your paypal.

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Coupon Request Policy.

  • – We will send a subscription confirmation email to your email for you to confirm.
  • – When you have confirmed, we will immediately create a coupon for you and we will send a coupon code to your email.


Important remarks:

If the confirmation email is not in your INBOX EMAIL folder. Please check your SPAM folder if you have sent a coupon code request.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, that is true. One coupon code number belongs to you to SIGNIFY that ONLY YOU will get 15% COMMISSION and this unique coupon code can be used for unlimited people when they pay Gold Plan or Diamond Plan on our website.

Yes, right. Each unique coupon code that you own will expire for a period of one year after you request an unique coupon code to us.

Of course. You get the opportunity to submit a new unique coupon code number to us.

No, even if you have zero experience in marketing. You can definitely earn through our website. The most important thing is that you consistently share your unique coupon code with every source you have.

You can share it directly through your own social networks or you can email your friends or clients.

Whatever commission you get. You will immediately get your payment in approximately 2×24 hours.

Of course. We will be happy to respond to any questions or doubts that you have in mind. Please email us at hello@free-url-submit.com. We will answer all your questions as soon as possible. Cheers!